Node Repository 'mask'

We have a large node collection in our company knime install and users complain that it's hard to know what nodes to use.  Often the users are in different groups with different scientific needs so we can't hide/remove nodes from the node repository or remove a give node set.  Is there a way we could setup a set of 'masks' or 'filters' for the node repository.  


Something like a drop down box that allows you to select a given "mask" (i.e.: 'chemistry' / 'biology' / 'beginner' at any point in time where each mask is controlled by a setup file somewhere (i.e.: easily configurable).  A 'mask' would simply tell you which nodes or node folders to show or hide in a node repository.

I believe you are looking for "Custom Node Repository" feature :-) It's available with KNIME Teamspace and upwards.

The "Custom Node Repository" allows individual end users to define their own, private sub-set of nodes. I am not aware of any simple way to select one of multiple pre-defined sets of nodes that can be administered centrally in a large organization / installation.

I've yet to test/try the teamspace "Custom Node Repository" feature so not clear how it works yet  - the idea I was suggesting was not for a private node set for a given user but a set of globally defined filters that a user can apply at any time to the node repository to help guide them in their choice of nodes when writing a workflow.

We have put an extended version of the custom node repository on the list for 2.8.

Hi All,

As I understand it the Custom Node Repository is set of node that is set centrally and users have access to that.

If you use the same nodes alot… having favorites removes the need for me to type the node name every time… especially since Knime node are rather granular and I end up using the same nodes alot even in the same workflow.

Feature request:
What about a Favorites set that sits along side all the other nodes. Perhaps they can be displayed as just icon across the top of the node repository and you keep the tree structure underneath. Or as a stop gap it becomes a folder (a users can have forced open all that time) at the root of the node tree. To select the nodes as favorites can just be done in the tree as a context menu option. Removal can also be context menu item

What is looks like in other app:

Hello @DemandEngineer,

there is a Favorite Nodes View where you can drag your most used nodes.

To enable it go View --> Other... --> KNIME Views --> Favorite Nodes



@ipazin This is awesome! Thank you so much. Love it when something I didn’t know already exists…

Any chance it can include Components? If no, that would be an awesome feature enhancement.

Discovered by accident… Love that I can drop the tabs to other docked areas.

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Another Feature request for the Knime View Favorite Nodes, and perhaps for all node lists. Include the Node color… this reinforces the connection of color and function category. This is especially useful in Personal Favorite nodes as you no longer have the node tree to help you locate the node. Group by function/color will let you scan to the color/function you want then you read the text

Hello @DemandEngineer,

there is always a chance :slight_smile:

Actually there were couple of suggestions/ideas/requests lately around this area so let’s wait and see what direction it all goes.


Great did not know that. Thanks Ivan

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Looking forward to it. The platform is awesome. Saw all the cool Components at Summit… Hope there will be a Components section in the Favorite Nodes Panel.