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How to reset the node’s cached data from outside the KNIME to release HDD space?

Hi @ahmed_gomaa,

how are you running you workflows? From KNIME Analytics Platform? If so would not saving a workflow work for you or what is your case?

What might help is streaming capability KNIME has. This way intermediate results are not saved.



I just save the workflow with its loaded/processed data. So, I want to reset those node and make them in idle state. I want to make the function of reset option (yellow light) without open the KNIME.

Actually, I have several saved workflows and take some HDD space. I want to release those spaces from outside the KNIME instead of open them one by one.

Hi @ahmed_gomaa,

I’m not sure if this is the right approach but you can delete the .savedWithData file in the workflow directory and then in each node directory, e.g. Concatenate (#4), delete everything except the settings.xml file.

If this looks hard to do, you can also open your KNIME workspace directory and search for these 3 file names and delete all of them:

This will reset all workflows. (executed to configured)



many thanks. I just deleted the

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Delete all 3 files. If you don’t delete the .savedWithData file, KNIME will throw an error message when loading the workflow.



Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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