node takes more time to execute

every node takes more than an hour to execute the data in kime if the data is too large…is there any way to resolve this??

Can you share a workflow?

If any of the nodes are streamable, then running them in streaming mode can help. See and e.g. for details and how.


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Actian was mentioned in the example. Will it work with KNIME 3.6?

Unfortunately not, as the actian page on the KNIME website: says:

Please note that the Actian extensions currently only support version 2.12 or earlier of KNIME Analytics Platform. Unfortunately this is outside of our control so we have to wait for Actian to provide an updated version of their extensions.


i used streaming for the above nodes but it shows the following error:

subnodes must contain native nodes in order to be streamed:

what does it mean???

This means that you can only stream Wrapped Metanodes that do not contain any metanodes themselves.

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