Node to read data from Columbus

We recently acquired Columbus from Perkin Elmer for data storage, and processing. Columbus is based on the OMERO platform, but there is hardly any documentation on Columbus.

Do you know what node is best suited to read data from Columbus.


Someone else might mention, but I believe KNIME is working on making nodes for OMERO, which is the backbone of columbus. I would also recommend that you look at HITS ( which provide reader to LOCI type images. I believe this project is also working on some OMERO type connector. You also have HCDC ( which also has tools for working with Image data and colaborates with HITS.

Since you are using Columbus, I would als like to sugest that you visit (and perhaps become a member of): (a Google group around the Opera platform) (a Google.code repository to exchange code around Acapella/Opera).


Hi Hinda, like Ghislain already mentioned, KNIME in fact has a first version of a simple OMERO Client to retrieve images from a OMERO database. We are going to publish it probably within the next two weeks in connection with a upcoming Wiki, a platform which is intended to publish and exchange nodes related to High Content Analysis. More details and future news about the wiki can be found at theCommunity page. Martin