Node to read LibreOffice calc and DB files

I was searching for nodes which allow reading LibreOffice Calc files and also the LibreOffice database.
But I did not find any resource.
Are there nodes available for this purpose?

I do not know about the database but ODS files could be imported via the R package.

kn_example_r_ods_calc_read.knwf (35.6 KB)

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Hi @knimediger

you can as well use the Tika Parser node for this. It supports tons of formats, not only ODS.

Best, Iris


Thanks Iris,

For pointing to that node.
I made a first try with it.
The data from the ods file seems to be in one cell of the tika node. From a first look I do not have an idea how to process that cell.
Maybe you can give me an idea?

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Hi there @knimediger,

if you share example file someone can try it and maybe help.


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