"Node Usage" tab on "Node Usage and Layout" window not scrollable

Hi everybody,

if I am right, the tab “Node usage” on “Node Usage and Layout” settings window for wrapped metanode is not scrollable (compared to e.g. “Basic Layout” tab on the same window…) so one can not get to the settings for e.g. 8th+ metanode quickform node… Is this expected/desired behavior or bug?

This is how it looks like in my case - there are few more nodes to be set up below “String Input, ID 329” node…

It works for me the same on Windows and Linux (Xubuntu).

Is there any other way how to set these things e.g. via some xml within the metanode? I have failed to find it so far…

Thank you in advance for any hint!


Hi David,

This is a known issue and we are working to fix this - there should of course be a scrollbar!

The only workaround right now is to re-size the window to show the obscured entries. If there are more nodes than space on your screen, you can set this in the settings.xml of each individual node. The relevant entries are

<entry key="hideInWizard" type="xboolean" value="false"/>
<entry key="hideInDialog" type="xboolean" value="false"/>

Hope that helps!


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Hi Roland,

thank you for the response and the workaround via xml editing! It solves the issue for me, happy to see the scrollbar in future releases :slight_smile: .


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