Nodes show only one output port and one input port



I'm using KNIME 2.3.4 with the latest Community release of the "Image Processing" package ( I tried to create a simple workflow where an image is processed by a binary global threshholder node and by a calculator node.

I wanted to multiply the threshold with the original image, but the calculator node only shows one input port. 

That does not seem to make any sense, can this be fixed somehow?

Thanks and best regards,


Hi Christian,

after you thresholded your images you have to join the original image column and the thresholded column again to one table. After connecting this table to the Calculator node you are able to select the two columns on which the operation should be performed. The next release of the image plugin (hopefully published within the next month or two) will make such things more comfortable and, e.g., the use of the joiner in this particular case won't be necessary anymore.