Nodes that connect to the internet timing out from WebPortal


I have a number of workflows that execute successfully on a local machine, including the machine (and executor) that KNIME Server runs on, but when executed through the WebPortal they fail with timeout errors on nodes such as "GET Resource" or "Twitter Search".

Is there a step I may have missed in configuring KNIME Server? Our company network has internet connectivity through a proxy, does this need to be configured for the Server or TomEE somewhere?

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If you are using proxies you need to configure them also for the KNIME Executor on the server. The proxy configuration is stored in the preferences therefore you need to provide a preference file to the KNIME Executor. This is explained in the installation manual on page 12 ("Preferences and Ini-File").

Hi thor,

I have provided the same preferences file I use with KNIME Analytics Platform standalone (the same KNIME installation is used as the KNIME Executor). I have noticed that my preferences file uses the 'Native' system hosts file and proxy options, so I have HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and even a GOPHER entry.

Do I need to manually configure these proxy entries and host file entries in the KNIME Preferences file before exporting it, rather than setting Active Provider as 'Native'? If so, are the proxy authentication user/password stored in this file?

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"Native" means that KNIME will use the operating system settings for proxy configuration. If your server has the proxies configured system-wide then this should do. Otherwise you need to use manual configuration.

A proxy requiring user authentication is not supported on the KNIME Server because the password is queried from the user by the Eclipse framework upon first access.

Is there any reason you can think of for KNIME Server failing to use the system-wide proxies when the KNIME preferences file is configured to do so? KNIME Server is running on Windows 7, for information.

Thanks again for your help!

I don't have any experience with Windows and proxies, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work. Unless it requires authentication as I mentioned above. Or the system settings themselves are not correct.