Nominal Value Row Filter


  I'm experiencing some difficultis with the functioning of this node. It's of course very simple to use. I'm tyring to apply it to a table with 157 rows and 81 columns, I understand this is not too large.

  But unfortunately, when I try to configure it (after having executed the privous node which reads the data), I can not see all columns, I can only see a couple of the columns and the corresponding values. I have indeed checked that the output of the previous node does contain all the columns I'm interested in and I'd like to filter the table with.

  Is there any reason for that?

  Many thanks



For the columns that are missing, you probably have no nominal values available. You can check this at the out-port of the previous node within the Spec tab. Note, the default is 60, but this can easily be extended using the Domain Calculator node. Hope this helps?

Regards, Thomas