Nominal Value Row Filter


I tried to use the nominal value row filter and could not make it work until I found out that it apperently does not accept more than 55 nominal values in the input column. Is this really the limit? I could not find anything regarding limits in the node description.

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BY default KNIME computes only up to 60 possible value per column. If you want to have all possible value you need to the the Domain Calculator node before the filter and increase the number of possible values in the dialog.

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Thanks a lot. Works great.

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It’s super cool that there is a solution simple to implement.
But I really do not get why.
To me this seems like an implementation detail that should be taken care of under the hood not something I have to know about or find out the hard way.

Would it be possible to make “Nominal Value Row Filter” just work out of the box, also with larger amounts of values. Second best solution would be to at least give users a hint that some columns are hidden due to having too many values.

Hi @petermeissner -

Thanks for the feedback. I agree, this is something that at the very least needs better documentation - but maybe warning messages and/or implementation can be improved too. This seems to be coming up more and more often lately, so I’ll be sure to mention it to the dev team.