not abel to see and download data on webportal - after execution wkf - using quickform nodes

Hello team

i am not able to see result/output data on webportal ,after executing workflow using quickform nodes via web.

please look into screenshot

how to get data on web portal ? and download option ?

Quickform node tutorial are not explanatory

Dear @navinjadhav,

to generate WebPortal pages, you have to encapsulate Quickforms and/or JavaScript visualizations in Wrapped Metanodes. Each wrapped metanode will then result in a WebPortal page. Please have a look at our free online course for more details:

The second screenshot is an example workflow which showcases BIRT reporting functionality. If you have Data to Report and/or Image to Report nodes in your workflow and defined a report with BIRT Reporting Enginge, this report will be displayed at the very last page when executed in WebPortal. For more information please refer to our online documentation:


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