not able to connect the oracle database through database reader

I am not able to connect through database reader with oracle crendntial. I am able to connect the oracle with same userid and password.The following error i am getting while connecting through database reader
"java.sql.sqlrecoverableException:I/O execption:network adapter could not establish the connection"

for connection i am using the ojdbc6.jar in oracle client

In the database reader, I have entered the following entries --
database driver - oracle.jdbc.oracledriver
database url - jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<host_name>:1521/<servicename>

I am able able to connect the database through same configation from one location
but not able to connect from different location. Listener is up for both cases.
I am connecting from both location through VPN.

Please suggest.

Ajoy Paul

Hello Ajoy,

this is no KNIME specific error but a general IO exception that indicates a problem to connect to the database. It might be a problem with your vpn setup since you are able to connect with the same settings and setup from one location but now from the other location.