Not able to execute workflow on windows KNIME server

I have recently installed licensed KNIME server on windows OS. I don’t have clear idea whether i have done it correctly or not since when i try to execute workflow on KNIME server it fails with some error(attached for reference

). Don’t have idea how the executor works. Need an urgent assistance from some who have clear idea about the KNIME server and executor config how to smoothly execute a workflow in server. Also facing issue with Web portal. workflows don’t execute and some do but don’t give results

I have tried all the steps as mentioned in the installation guides. need help where i am going wrong

Thanks in advance for any help.

Can anyone help me KNIME support team so that i can connect with them for quick resolution. since i am running out of time.

Hi Pawan,

The first screenshot seems to show that the Oracle DB driver is missing from the Server. The second error I am not familiar with, but could you send some more details to Also, what error messages do you get on the Web Portal? If you don’t have Wrapped Metanodes in your workflows then executing workflows via the Web Portal won’t produce any visible results in the Web Portal.