Not able to find workflow credentials inside the workflow.

Hi guys,

I had assigned two workflow credentilas for data download process. But when im trying to access the workflow credentials at the node im not able to find the workflow credentials i have added in the beginning. Please help me with this issue

Hi mba026,

Is it possible that you have some wrapped metanodes somewhere in your workflow? Credentials are passed as flow variables, and by default, flow variables are not passed through a wrapped metanode. In that case, you have to open the metanode and go to the configuration of the wrapped node input and output nodes. There, you can specify which flow variables you want to pass through.



Hi Roland,

Thanks for your reply.

I didn't used any wrapped metanode in the workflow. But what i found is that none of the flowvariables i had assigned is also un availablw at that particular node.

What may be the reasons for such scenario?

You can see the image that all the flowvariables got disabled in that particular node.

For other nodes i'm able to see all the flow variables and the workflow credentials.