Not able to get Interactive view: Data Explorer view

One problem I still face often as mentioned below: -
I Drag & Drop Data explorer block on to work window and execute it, then when I click on “Interactive View: Data Explorer view”, it takes forever to open the next window sometimes 45 minutes sometime 3 hours few times it opens normally. I am really not understanding the issues. Is there any fix for this? Please suggest. I tried lot many times by restarting the KNIME and laptop but problem persists. Please let me know and advise.

Hi @booramaravind,

I’m assuming you are using KNIME AP 4.5.1 with the CEF Browser, as shown under File → Preferences → KNIME → JavaScript Views?

If this is the case, it is a known Bug (internal reference: AP-18435) that will be fixed with the new KNIME AP version 4.5.2 end of March/beginning of April. You can try switching to the Bundled Chromium Browser and see whether this works better.

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@LukasS .Thanks for clarification .But for me the option Bundled chromium browser (version 91)
is not visible. could you help me with this.
Attached screenshot for reference.

Hi @booramaravind ,

ah, I wasn’t aware that the bundled chromium browser is part of an extension I apparently have installed - you can try and install the KNIME Extension providing the Chromium Browser – KNIME Hub (the procedure is documented here), then the other option should be available.

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