Not able to increase the max results beyond 10000 for Google analytics query


For Google analytics query node, I am not able to increase the max results beyond 10000.

Can anybody help me how to increase the max rows.

For reference, I have attached the screenshot.


Ajoy Paul.


as the Node Description states: "Max results: Maximum number of results to retrieve from the API. The default is 1,000 but can be set up to 10,000."

The maximum of 10,000 rows is a limitation off the API. However you can use the pageing mechanism to retrieve more results. This is done by putting the node in a counting loop and controlling the start index via variable.

Cheers, Patrick

Hey Patrick,

i ve never done befor a workflow with a loop.  what i have to do with this counting loop to get more than 10,000 rows? Put the count looping after the query? i ve tried a lot, but i doent get it.

thank you very much!

Here is an example workflow:

Cheers, Patrick

Link is not working kindly specifiy that in detail. I will be greatful.