Not able to open Knime Workflow

Please Help me,
to open Workflow, i am facing following issue to open Knime Workflow…
How tp resolve

That makes it look like perhaps the workflow.knime in the top level of your workflow directory has become corrupt (it should look like human “readable” XML.) If that’s the case, you’ll need to restore from a backup or recreate the workflow. :- /

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How Can I restore ? Please guide… To recreat it would be bit time consuming.

Restore from a backup - I mean as a user, you are backing up your data consistently (or you have an automated process which does it) and so you would take it from there. Does that file not have XML text in it?

i just use to save workflow, i am not exporting workflow for backup, Can it be restore?

If it is the problem that the file is corrupt (which you have not verified aloud,) and you have no practice of backing up your data, then unfortunately there is nothing to restore from.


i will take backup from now onwards.

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