Not able to open List Folder node on server/ node is not taking the knime path


I had used List Folder node to list the folders in knime server location.

first I had tried the list the folder in local and it was working as expected. But when I moved the WF with list folder to the server, I am getting below error.


Logs -

2021-01-14 12:11:05,544 : ERROR : main :  : NodeContainerEditPart :  :  : The dialog pane for node 'List Folders 11:2321' has thrown a 'NullPointerException'. That is most likely an implementation error.
	at org.knime.workbench.editor2.editparts.NodeContainerEditPart.openNodeDialog(
	at org.knime.workbench.editor2.editparts.NodeContainerEditPart.openDialog(
	at org.knime.workbench.editor2.editparts.NodeContainerEditPart.performRequest(
	at org.knime.workbench.editor2.WorkflowSelectionDragEditPartsTracker.handleDoubleClick(

Path error message

The list folder node is working in local but not on the server. Please advise what need to be done.

Hi @mathi,

this node is part of Vernalis extension and I’m not sure whether it is supposed to work like this.

One alternative would be to use List Files/Folders node ( instead.

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adding @s.roughley if interested :wink:


Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

Thanks for your suggestion.

If I try to use there are few dependency issue and not able to install the node in AP.

Currenlty I was using 4.2.2, But node expects 4.2.3. version. For now I don’t want to upgrade the version.

Any other approach?

That’s definitely a bug. It seems to work OK with the path set to knime://knime.workflow/ but not knime://knime.workflow/../ or knime://knime.workflow/../../ on the server (those paths are all fine locally). The url knime://LOCAL/ does work on the server.

The List Files node doesnt work locally with any of those paths, the File Reader node also doesnt work locally with knime://knime.workflow paths so you cant follow up there with a snippet

I’m guessing this is likely something to do with how knime:// URLs are resolved in the server environment, but I’ve no idea what. I’m going to tag @gab1one here in the hope he can throw some light on that.


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Hi @mathi

The reason we completely overhauled the file handling with 4.3 is that there are a lot of issues with the old nodes, such as inconsistent behavior on AP and server like you are encountering here. I sadly can’t offer you a good solution for workflow relative resolution. You can doing mountpoint relative, like steve suggested. That does work on the server.



Thanks @gab1one - at least that means its not a bug, even if it isnt really desirable behaviour.

@mathi I guess you could use a List folders node with the path set to knime://knime.workflow/, parse the resulting absolute path in a Java Snippet, and then feed that in as a flow variable into a second List folders node. It’s ugly but seems to work.

Example attached!


list folders on server.knwf (10.7 KB)

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