Not able to schedule workflow utilizing custom KNIME node

I am looking for some instructions to upload my custom KNIME node to KNIME server.  I have a KNIME workflow that utilizes the custom KNIME node.  It works in KNIME SDK environment and KNIME Desktop on my local machine.  The KNIME node is packaged as a jar file and deployed in the "dropins" directory of my KNIME Desktop installation.  I drag my workflow into the KNIME server folder and try to schedule it to run at certain time.  I encounter "Execution Error".  The error message is about that my custom KNIME node is not installed.  I could see the TOMEE hierachy on the server.  Where do I drop my jar file?  Or, is there a command for installing the jar file for KNIME server?

Thanks in advance.


You need to find where the knime executor is installed in the server, and then upload the jar file of your node under the dropins folder of knime executor, as you do in knime desktop.

The location of knime executor is specified by the "com.knime.server.executor.knime_exe" option in your server configuration file (<server_repository>/config/knime-server.config).

Thanks Arofab for suggesting the workflow to load the pluggin.

We got the plugin to work on the server by loading the jar file into the plugin directory for KNIME on server.  Tomcat folder is NOT the place to place the plugin.