Not finding all nodes in the KNIME installed in my PC

I have just installed KNIME Analytics Platform 5 in my computer. In the nodes section, I see only few nodes from each category. But I don’t see the nodes: Partitioning; Decision Tree, SVM, etc. Even I searched by typing the node names in the search box- no luck. I installed all the extensions as well, still I don’t see the above mentioned nodes. I think I am missing something. Your response will be of great help.

If you scroll down to the end of the search results in the node repository, do you see the option to enable advanced nodes? You need to enable this to see all nodes. We introduced this in AP 5 to make the search results easier to digest.
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Dear AlexanderFillbrunn,
Yes, I changed the filter as you advised and now I see all the nodes. Thank you so much for your support. I cannot explain enough how much helpful it has been for me. I appreciate your quick response.

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