not found nodes

The last two months a very nasty problem occurs: defining, running, saving a workflow works well. If I try to open such a workflow a few days later KNIME gives (infrequently) errors that some workflow nodes cannot be found. This even arises in situations without an update of KNIME has been applied.

After such an error there is a dialog that proposes to install the missing nodes, but clicking on the next-button doesn’t bring any action.

The best option in such a situation is to deinstall KNIME and reinstall it.

Hi RAPosthumus,

I’ve had this issue a couple of times, too. Ironically it was the Missing Value Node that could not be found. However, the error did not return during the last two weeks or so.

Do you have the latest version of KNIME? I saw a similar situation (Next button doesn’t bring any action) when I was using an old version of KNIME

yes I have the latest version. Also occurs on nightly builds.
@agaunt: indeed my workflows have (frequently) the missing value node.

Hi RAPosthumus,

A couple questions so that we can investigate this further:

  • Apart from the Missing Value node, are there any other nodes missing? Do you see a specific pattern (e.g. only nodes from a particular extension missing).
  • Which OS are you using?
  • Does this happen right after starting KNIME or after it has been running for some time?
  • Is this a fresh installation or did you update from an older version?
  • Is there anything in knime.log related to this? If yes, please post it (or send it to me via PM in case there’s sensitive information in there)


Yes, sometimes other nodes were missing, no real pattern visible.
I’m using Win 10, it happens when I want to load a workflow, that can be both at the start of KNIME or later on.
Problems appeared in KNIME 3.5, as indicated: best way to resolve the problem was reinstall KNIME.

Nowadays I’m using a nightly build of KNIME. That solved my problems, except in one case: when there is not enough during calculations, saving the workflow afterwards gives a workflow with missing nodes.

I have no log files from the 3.5 installation anymore.

@RAPosthumus can you confirm that you were using the most recent release, i.e. KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5.3?

Can you also please clarify the problem with the nightly build? Your description is missing a word (not enough … during calculations) :wink:


Yes I used 3.5.3.
Sorry, forgot the word: heapspace.