Number to String Problem

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This is probably a basic question but I’m not really sure how to get rid of this problem.
I have an input file with some codes, these are taken by Knime as Double, when I use Number to String node to transform the values to Strings then I get the below output

Original Value:

After Conversion:

How can I get rid of the E12 that’s being added to all values? I just want to have the full number but as string.

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You can use the String Manipulation node to remove the unwanted characters.

Not sure why above happens but if you use Long problem is solved. I would say number length.
You can use Column Expressions node and toLong() function with String as new column type :wink:


But removing “E12” still leaves wrong value (4.015…) Right?
Seems operations on double numbers work up to 7 digits. If there is more digits they are transformed to decimal and “Ex” is added where x is number of decimal places…

Correct, but I thought maybe he wasn’t interested in maintaining the scientific notation for some reason.

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I’m interested in having the actual number without the scientific notation. Is there a way to do this?

See @ipazin first post above about toLong() in Column Expressions node :slight_smile:

@ipazin, @ScottF Thanks both for your help! this did the trick! :smile:


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