NumberToString node with ColumnFilter before


I use workflow with Column Filter and NumberTo String Node before it.

When I add new column to "Include" list in Column Filter, this column automatically adds to "Include" list in NumberTo String Node, NumberTo String in "yellow" state. OK, I really need convert this column to string. When I run node, I see, that the type of new column is numeric, and only pair "Exclude"-"Include" gives result.

Sincerely yours


Hi I don't quite understand the problem.

the include and exclude options in nodes work by automating the way to treat "new" columns the node hasn't seen before.

so if you add a column to the include list in the column filter node, then all subsequent nodes are now seeing a new column thAt hasn't been seen by the node before. If those subsequent nodes have "force exclusion" selected, then the new column is automatically added to the include list. If "force inclusion" is selected then the column is automatically added to the exclude list.

So in your case, if you chose "force exclusion" beforehand in the numbertostring node then the new column will be automatically added to the include list and processed thereby giving a string column.

does this help?


Hi, Simon,

NumberToString Node hadn't "Force inclusion" option. New columns automatically adds to Include list, but conversion integer columns to string not happend when node executed.

I can only assume that by default the new column is not added but when you open up the node config, it then adds it to the include list. It may be worth resetting the node, opening the node dialog and choosing apply to see if this works.


Thank you, Simon. I think "Forse Inclusion" option or addition into Exclude columns list by default will be good.


I do believe the knime team are converting their nodes into this format of "force inclusion" and "force exclusion" format. Some have already been done. So hopefully in the future it will be more clear how new columns are handled.