Numeric Scorer Node: MAPE always showing NaN

Hi, I am new to ML and KNIME. I am trying to use the numeric scorer node on regression learner/predictors (e.g. Random Forest Learner, Simple Regression Tree etc.) but there is always an error showing up in the numeric scorer noder (“Can’t calculate mean absolute percentage error: target value is 0!”). Any advice to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @cckiat

That is just a waring due to the limitation of mean absolute percentage error (won’t work when values are zero) and can be safely ignored. The other metrices are computed properly.

If you want to learn how this node is used check out the example workflows at its hub page. You will find the workflows using this node at the bottom of the page.



Hi @temesgen-dadi, thanks for your response.
All good and proceeding with my learning. Many thanks!


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