OAuth 2.0 with KNIME

Hello KNIME comunity. I am looking for a way to request and retrieve an OAUTH 2.0 token with KNIME and pass it to a header in the GET / HTTP retriever nodes.

I am able to get and pass a OAUTH 1.0 token using the OAUTH node from palladium but I need 2.0. I Have it working in Postman but cannot get it to work in KNIME.
I even tried to use the Postman generated token and pass it to a header in KNIME but this only wields an “unauthorized” error from server.

I am trying to access an GE Proficy Histroian 7.0 server and they suggest CURL as the means to request the token. Bu how can I do that in KNIME ?

Any help is welcome.
thanks so much in advance

Hi @alfunger

I think this post might be interesting for you: Google sheets Reader node read automatically a google spreadsheet file from Google Drive?

It showcases a workflow where OAuth2 authentication is performed for Google Drive using the REST nodes.

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