Object detection

Hi all,

I’m pretty much lost with a problem I have so I wanted to ask for some advice. Any help would be very helpful.

I want to achieve the following with KNIP:

In this Image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwh3tqp7ag1s8ye/Img.tif?dl=0

I want to detect the glue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc7fb7yb049rdr4/Img2.tif?dl=0


It is pretty hard to recognize but maybe someone has a great idea ? It would help to make the glue more “visible” in the first few steps after that I pretty much know what to do …


Thanks a lot,


Hi Flo,

nice hearing from you. Actually, this seems really to be a not too easy problem. Whats the purpose of the analysis? Detecting missing glue or gaps in the glue? Can you make more assumptions about the Glue?

Anyway, I think you should try out Pixel Classification for this problem (maybe focused on edge/texture features?). You can try KNIP SUISE for this! Let me know if it helps.




Hi Chris,

Ah I totally forgot suise :D

It helped me to get some reasonable results, thanks a lot :)