Objects reverse vertical order when using the automatic layout tool

I like the automatic layout tool for arranging nodes to tidy my workflows.  There is one odd behavior that I did not see discussed (just point me to the discussion if already present).  When I have two streams of nodes connecting to a node that combines the streams, and use the automated layout, the streams are "always" reversed so that the stream lines are crossed.  I say "always" not as extensive testing was performed, but as in "all of my workflows have behaved this way."  What is the algorithm by which the vertical order is presented? An example:

I start with the streams organized as

after pressing the Auto Layout button, I obtain

Why do the streams reverse order?


Scot K. Starry


Hi Scot,

the autolayouting has a random component included. This is because there is sometimes no such thing as the perfekt layout, as there always remain crossings. So, by hitting the AutoLayout button multiple times, you get different layoutings.

Second, our layout algorithms does not use the order of the inports into aspect, it takes all nodes as one point only. But this is definetly something we will improve in the future.

Best, Iris