Obtain a distance vector from a Data Frame

Hi everyone, I want to compute a custom distance matrix between euclidean and a categorical distance using a R package “library(StatMatch)” . The problem is that the R distance (Kaufman and Rousseeuw (1990)) is in a dataframe format.

I am attaching the workflow,

Thanks in advance

Custom Distance.knwf (25.7 KB)

To continue where you left off I deactivated the ‘ignore missing values’ setting. But I am not sure if this cuts to the core of your problem.


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Thank you for your response, more exactly I want to "manually" create a distance column but I do not know how to convert it.

Thank you

Not really sure what this means and how the second table results from the first or what your question is. Maybe you could share another workflow or explain the issue further.

Hi mlauber71 thank you for your help, basically what I want is to convert a collection column into a Distance Column, at plain sight it looks quite similar but both type of columns has different properties.

The first column (above) is what I managed to achieve until now and my goal is to have a column like the distance column (below). I am doing this because I want to perform a calculation using a distance measure that is not available in knime (for that reason I am using R) and such calculation needs to be in the column distance data type.

Thank you

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