Obtain data from many files

I am in the process of evaluating KNIME for use in a cognitive science lab - and so far, it looks great!

My biggest concern is that our data is collected and placed into single files for each research subject, so that by the end of the term, we have about 400 files.

Is there a way to have KNIME to repeat a portion of the pipeline for all of the files in a given directory - without having 400 IO nodes.

Thank you!

Of course there is: start in KNIME in expert mode and then find the Iterate List of Files node in the Meta category. This is a node which executes a workflow for a list of files - so this is probably what you need?

This does look like it could do the trick. However, when I try to input a list of files through the file reader, I get this warning;

WARN Variable Based File Reader No Settings available.

The file reader is reading a file of the format

I just saw this warning as well:

WARN FileAnalyzer Didn’t get any value for column(s) with index #0. Please verify column type(s).