occurrences at time

I have a table with events at a time

h 7:30
h 8:30
s 7:30
s 7:30
h 9:00
s 9:00
s 10:00
h 11:00

I want a dataview showing occurences of s and h at specific time. Can't find the solution. Maybe its simple, but after hours of trying , not able to solve it.

Any help ?

Thanks Peter

Groupby node, with the time column as you grouping column, and unique contatenate with count on the h/s column?


Thanks, that works.

Now I have using concatenate with count:

08:20 H(93),N(27),O(23)

08:26 O(14)

08:27 H(91),N(15),S(79)

and so on

Now I want to display graphically the occurences of each department over time. I always run into trouble, when i try to display the occurences (counts) of a nominal value.

For the data mentioned in my first post a Bar Chart (JfreeChart) should do the job (visualizing the occurence count for each selected value and selected nominal column). But if I try it, I always get an empty view. Where is my mistake ?