On click on nextButton in webportal, run the WF in new Tab


Just curious to know whether we can implement the below scenario in webportal.

I have 2 UI screen for my WF. Once user load the WF, 1st screen will be available to the user and enters the required value and click on next button.
When Next Button is clicked I want to execute the WF on the new tab. To be precise, 1st screen with user entered data in one tab and another tab executing the WF and loads the second screen in Webportal.

Any suggestion to achieve this scenario?

Hi @mathi

I am afraid what you are looking for is not possible with the KNIME Webportal at the moment.

I wonder what is the real usecase for such a feature? Can you tell us why you need a new tab to be opened when you click next?

Best regards,