one job in Multiple node

hi. i have 5 table in knime and i wanna rename second column in every single table.
i can use column rename node for each table but i think this is not true way.
what is the better way to do this task?
i am new in knime .
please guide me

Hello @alrz,

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Interesting but you can’t do this with one node unless you concatenate data from all 5 tables before renaming second column.


Do the second columns in all five tables have the same names and is the intended rename the same for all? Also, do you want to write new tables with the renamed column or overwrite the original tables? Finally, what kind of input tables do you have, e.g. csv, xlsx, table?

hello @rfeigel
yes i wanna set same name for all and overwrite in original table.
input data is excel

This should do the job.

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If my workflow does what you want, please mark “solved.” If not, let me know.

hi @rfeigel
sorry I answered late .
i checked but not solve my task

More detail would be helpful. I can’t do anything with “it doesn’t work.”