One node that executes different algorithms/nodes




I am new to developing own nodes in KNIME and would like to implement an algorithm (A1) as a KNIME node which has another algorithm (B1, ..., Bn) as input parameter.


An example: A1 is a complex ranking algorithm which calculates a result based on a passed algorithm B1. A1 utilizes B1 at different stages of A1 to finally calculate an end result. As algorithms B1 to Bn are already implemented as KNIME nodes, it would be very helpful to use the existing nodes and their parameterization as an input for the A1 node.


Is there a best practice for implementing this kind of algorithm (A1) in KNIME? If not, is it possible to read the parameterization of B1,...,Bn nodes to use them in node A1? How would you implement node A1?


Thanks for your help!


I would start with special port object type. Although if those algorithms related to PMML, one of the PMML port objects might be suitable for you, so you do not have to create a new one, and you can even enhance the other nodes.

Cheers, gabor

Thanks for your quick reply, I'll have a look at it.