One row to multiple columns

Hi people.

Can you helpme pease, to move or convert a row into multiple columns?

Row ID User name Profile User name Profile
ROW0 Alejandro Operativo Daniel Compras

I want to show:

Row ID User name Profile
Row0 Alejandro Operativo
Row1 Daniel Compras


Hi @Sand_Kob , it looks to me that you want the other way around, that is move multiple columns into multiple rows…

Can you show us what the real column names look like? I mean, you can’t have 2 columns with the same name. You can’t have 2 columns called “User name” and you can’t have 2 columns called “Profile”.

You can look into the Transpose node or the Pivoting node for moving columns to rows and rows to columns.

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Use the cell splitter node and choose as new columns for the output. Separator seems to be a space

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