One to Many Node - How to change name pattern?

I have a One to Many node, and I would like the original column name to be prepended to the front of the new columns with an underscore afterwards ($ORIGINAL_COLUMN_NAME$_$NEW_COLUMN_NAME$), how can I do this? It looks like I would have to change the flow variables here:

Hello @azsb1g19,

in this node you can’t configure how output column names will look like. Are you doing one-hot encoding on multiple columns where possibly there are same values within them? If so node will automatically append original column name after value with underscore in between so you can differentiate between them. In any case (one or multiple columns) you’ll have to add some nodes in order to get wanted format :wink:

And in general you can’t do such manipulations in Flow Variables tab.



I wrote a fairly lazy component to mimic the functionality I wanted:

one_hot_encode_component.knwf (10.8 KB)

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