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Hi, I am using Microsoft authentication node followed by sharepoint online connector to upload and access files from sharepoint folder in the workflow. In microsoft authentication node for authentication interactive authentication is used and the token is stored in a file. It was working fine. But after updating the knime extensions i am getting error in sharepoint connector node. When trying to browse to the folder in working directory field.

What is the meaning of this error? Also, how can i troubleshoot it?

Hi @shivani ,

Would you mind posting a screen shot of thew workflow, and ideally the configuration settings for the MS authentication node + sharepoint connector node?

Also, which browser do you use as your default? I am seeing the “Error while creating browser” message.

Which version of KNIME AP are you currently using?

Lets start with that info, and hopefully we can narrow down the root cause.


Thank you @ztrubow for replying. Sorry lost this topic.

In MS authentication node:

  1. Interactive Authentication Mode
  2. Token stored in separate File
  3. Request access to Read/Write Sharepoint Files

Sharepoint Connector node:

  1. Sharepoint site : Web Url
    2)URL: organization site location (till home page)
  2. Working Directory: Folder location where files are stored or needs to be stored.

I am using chrome as my default browser.
As for knime, was using the 4.6 nightly build version.
The error was not resolved, so I reinstalled Knime 4.5 version and it is working fine now.
But would like to know the cause of the error.

Hi @shivani_soni
Thank you for reporting, we will investigate why this is not working in the nightly and fix this for the next release.

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@shivani_soni ,

Our dev team has attempted to reproduce the issue, but has been unable to do so with our newest version of the nightly build.

Can you please attempt to uninstall your current nightly build, and install our newest version of the nightly, and test again? If that does not work, please uninstall and re-install the extension and try again.

Looking forward to hearing how the testing goes.


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