Only execute node when workflow is finished

Hi there,

I need some help with this Topic. I have this workflow:

This workflow is something like a Folder observer and copies only new files from one network drive to another. To find out which files have to be copied I compare the actual file list with the last “copy job” with the Table Reader Node.
I want to run this workflow in Batch Mode and the last missing link is to write the actual file list with the Table Writer Node when the workflow is finished or hast past the Reference Row Filter Node.
Habe anybody an idea ho to fix this?

Greetings, Brotfahrer

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Hi @Brotfahrer,

Simply connect the output variable port of the last (or the Reference Row Filter) node to the input variable port of the Table Writer node. That’s it!


PS To see the workflow variable ports, right click on the node and select “Show Flow Variable Ports”.


Hi @armingrudd,

like this? :flushed:

oh no, somtimes it’s so easy :grinning:


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