Open a workflow with new_job


On a workflow on KNIME Server you can right click, and then the first option is: open.
The next level consist of: workflow and webportal. I miss the third option: new_job.
But my colleagues, using the same KNIME server and workflow are able to open a flow as: new_job and see the flow with the purple bar on top. They have all the three options available.

The question: how can I open a workflow on KNIME server in the “new job” mode?

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Hi @HansS,

You are most likely missing this remote editor extension. To install, go to File -> Install KNIME Extensions -> KNIME Server Connector (client-side extension) and check “KNIME Remote Workflow Editor (preview)”. Then click through the installation steps and restart KNIME AP. Afterwards, you should have the “new job” option available.


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Top, Tnx, Fixed

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