Open Street Map and Database Issue


After seeing what Knime can do, I’m trting to make it do a fraction of the possibilities… but it’s not really working out. I made a project with two separate datasets, but whatever I do, it always gives the following error:

“WARN OSM Map View 2:4 Latitude and/or Longitude columns for map markers do not exist.”

Would anyone know what I’m missing here? The database I’m using has 3 tables: depot name, longitude, latitude.

Here’s a screenshof of what I have.

Dear @P3rtK5Tsn1,

It seems that you are not providing your longitudes and latitudes in the right format. I am assuming that the type of those columns is String s.t. you have to convert your columns to Double with a String to Number node before feeding it to the OSM Map View. Also note that you will have to reconfigure the OSM Map View to use the right columns after the conversion.

You can also take a look at one of the example workflows that uses the OSM Map View node with proper inputs: