"Open" the configuration panel of a node to be used in a component / Idea for a feature ?

Dear KNIME-Team,

many nodes have quite complex configuration possibilities (e.g. the “Send Email” Node). If one would like to use these nodes in a component and would add the possibility for the user to configure them, one has (?) to use many Input Configuration Widgets in order to feed the node with the required flow variables. This approach will hardly be able to be as good as the configuration panel of the node.

Would it be possible to “open” the configuration panel of a node so that one can use the node configuration as a single element within the configuration dialog of a component?

Just a thought…

Thank you all for KNIME

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This idea is interesting. I love it.

The node configure and widget are two different things.

But maybe we can generate some widgets from the node config as a template?
Then we can easily modify the result to fit our custom needs.

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This would be awesome. It would save a ton of hassle of trying to recreate every setting one by one.


Hi nguys,

Normally I create a variable or table creator node to set some information at the start process. From there, I call the flow to use it every time from anywhere inside the flow, but some nodes can add attributes/facilities to make it as an easier way…



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