Open workflow from command line


Can I open workflow from command line in KNIME window? I try to use information from the FAQ for batch mode, and write string: 

maxim@galchenko-netbook:~/knime_2.3.0$ ./knime -workflowDir="/home/maxim/workspace/loop_example"

and see KNIME window, but workflow not loaded. 
Thank you for the help.
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I share this question. There is little documentations about executiong workflows from "outside" the programm, but it would be so intereresting to, for example run knime on a server and execute it with commands...

The KNIME batch mode allows running KNIME workflows headless without opening the KNIME GUI on a single workflow. Coming back to the original question: you can only specify the workspace (option -data) that is use when running KNIME; workflows can't be opened from command line. Furthermore, access to a KNIME server for sharing and running KNIME workflows on a enterprise level is possible, but is a commercial product of that need to be licensed.