opening a browser window and directly viewing results?


I am a newby in Knime but with some expirience in PiplinePilot. One Feature I have not found in knime up to now is an easy viewing node. In PiplinePilot there are some very practical viewers , showing the processed data in the Browser or for example in excel.

Is there some similar stuff available in Knime as well?


Thanks a lot


PS  I am running knime 3.4.0 64 Bit on linux



Hey Christian,

when you right-click a node the bottom-most entries in the context-menu lead you to the table view, which shows you all your data after the node has been executed. If you want to have a better visualization than a plain table, look in the "Views"-category in the Node Repository. These Views are opened from the context-menu again, only this time somewhere in the middle.

And if these still are not enough, have a look at the Generic JavaScript View.