Opening a .knime file format

Hi dear all I’m Astrid, I have done a workflow for my thesis a few years ago. A few days ago I oppened it and everything worked.

But now my partner accidently deleted my hole folder where my workflow was saved… and then reinstalled the KNIME program

Now ad of the day I can`t open the file anymore.

It is an old file, a .knime file

How can I import it?

To import it has to be a .knar or a .knwf file format

Please help, thanks a lot

I even can`t open the Example workflow; this occurs (see picture)

Welcome to the forum @LolaTinka.

I believe that workflows used to be packaged as .knime files that were basically zip files that you could unzip in the knime workspace folder. At that point, KNIME would recognize the folder as a workflow. So you could try that.

What’s the file size of that .knime file in your screenshot?

If it’s really small, then my guess is that it’s not a workflow. Instead it’s an xml file that lists the nodes and the connectors between them.

@LolaTinka you might have to point to the whole (root) folder of the workflow if there is no single packed file.

Thanks both of you!

@elsamuel it is a small workflow, just one of the examples provided from knime

@mlauber71 it could open it after deinstalling the hole program (plus workspace, my partner copied it a couple times because he was so sorry and that caused a total error) and after reinstalling it I managed to open it via root directory;

so again: Thanks a lot, I appreciate it


@LolaTinka glad it worked out. It is always good to think about a backup strategy though:

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