OpenNLP nodes: new and deprecated

Hello everybody. I have questions about OpenNLP nodes (old and new):

  1. Why is there no a possibility for choosing a model in a new node ?


  1. Why is there no a support of a new version of OpenNLP ? (current version 1.8.4)

I user Knime 3.5.2


we removed the “loading of custom model” functionality from the node since it didn’t work properly for all models, only for a few very specific. The new node now only supports the built-in models. We are currently looking into the openNLP version and will check if we can update it.

Cheers, Kilian

It’s strange to read about those problems, because I use my own models with deprecated node and they work well (I teach my models day by day).

As you can see on the screenshot - it’s far from to be “didn’t work properly”

This is good that it works for your models. We had problems in the past with other models that didn’t work. The only way for now to use custom models is to use the deprecated node.

Thanks for bringing this up. We will think about integrating this functionality again in a separate node.

Cheers, Kilian