Operation on row


My problem is simple : I want to compare two cells on the same row, then make an operation such as IF(...)

A and B are available columns, I want to create C

a b ...
d e  IF(a=b,a+b,0)
f g IF(d=e,d+e,0)

 I think it is not possible with usual node, I have to use Java Snippet node, but I'm not familiar with this language.

Please let me know how I could do this. Any information would be of a great help,

Thanks in advance


Hi you can use the Rule Engine node for this.

Best, Iris

Unfortunately not alone with Rule Engine nodes. Rule Engine nodes does not support operations (like addition) in outcomes. Though one can create new columns with the possible outcomes to new columns and refer to them in Rule Engine.

(I would probably use Java Snippet here, but I think Math Formula can also handle if expressions.)

Cheers, gabor

Effectively, only Rule Engine can not make this operation, i am trying the Java Snippet outcome.

Thank you for your answers

Interesting, so simple Math functions would be a great feature for the Rule Engine node. Sorry for the wrong information.

@mmagnon: I attach you an workflow solving your problem. Let me know if I can be of any further help

Best, Iris