OPTICS Cluster Assigner error

OPTICS Cluster Assigner gives an error Image Output Widget is connected in case when all record went to Noise.

Hi @izaychik63

can you make me an example workflow?
I tried to recreate it, but when all points go to noise the node still executes without an error, for me.

Thank you! Iris

Here we go.
DBSCAN_Test.knwf (24.5 KB)

Can you generate Javascript views at all?
I can regenerate your workflow, but I also see there is a problem generating the view for you. It seems not to be related to the data you are using.

Yes, the view is generated with lover number of points, say 10. But the view may not be adequate. The first bar is the biggest one but newer goes to the noise. It will be nice to review this part.

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