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I would like to optimise the attached Database flow. The Dates node contain database readers to queries period of dates (start and end). Regarding the clustered data tables, each database reader contains a script with 3 temp tables that union into one. The database reader at the bottom contains a script that combines 2 temp tables with union into one. The idea is to have those different outputs placed into an excel file, into different tabs and send via email. I am open to suggestion if this flow can be optimised further. Thank you.

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Is there any reason why are you using nodes from legacy Database framework and not new (current) database nodes? That’s the first optimization (improvement) that comes to my mind when I see your flow.

And what exactly would you like to optimize? Performance? Logic? Have less nodes?



Hi ipazin, I would be mostly interested in performance and logic. I am attaching the flow without the SQL script for security purposes. I fear I do not know the difference between the legacy framework and the new one. anpa_KPI.knwf|attachment (109.0 KB)

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Hello @knimebeginner08,

So as I said first thing is to use new database. See here on how to migrate:

After migration performance should be better (and you can further inspect above linked document to learn about optimization tips&trick) and then we can see where bottlenecks are (if any) and address them/discuss logic.



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