Optionally erasing some columns at the end of the component

Dear all,

I am having a simple issue that I am not able to solve.
At the end of a custom component I want to erase/not erase some columns based on user configuration.
I was able to transform the boolean configuration variable in a “top/bottom” variable for a normal if switch (see image - even if I dislike the solution… too many nodes for something which should be more straightforward) but I am still in trouble:

  1. The “End IF” node does not work because - my tables have indeed different number of columns ( indeed this is my goal :grinning: )

  2. Having two components output does not work

Any solution?

Hope it’s clear.


@zioludo have you thought about just construction a Regular Expression with the columns you want to keep (by default= and the ones that the customers would select at the end and then just do a Column Filter?

You could also do it the other way round and allow all columns but the ones explicitly excluded.





You could toy around with the settings and see explanations at:


Thanks a lot Markus!

I have implemented a Regex filter at the end of my component with the selection being controlled by a variable which in turn is set via a case switch controlled by the component dialog (see below).



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Glad it does work. You should check for some fringe cases where columns are just different by extensions _1 and the name is otherwise the same. You might have to adapt the regex

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