OR function - 2 input port; 1 output port Switch

Hi. I would like to ask if there is a node that performs OR function – choosing either of the 2 input tables (with different table structure) … (it’s like an “end if node” but with an option of which input port to get the data)
for example:
if (condition) then output table = input table 1
else output table = input table 2


you can do that with an Flow Variable IF Switch and an Active Branch Inverter together with an End IF. A single node for this would be nice, but this workaround should be fine, too.
Kind regards

Edit: Actually, the Active Branch Inverter is not even necessary if you connect the second table’s producer to the second output port of the IF Switch.


Thank you for your immediate response.
I agree that it would be nice to have a single node for this, your workaround just works really fine. Thank you so much.

Thanks and regards

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