"OR" function

Hi all. I'm newbie in Knime and probably my question is too simple for this forum but I can't  find the answer without help. That's the problem: I need realize function if(w or x, y, z) but Knime can't "understand" me. Sure I can write if(w, y, if(x, y, z)) but it's too long formula, in addition formula can have more than two arguments (for example, 10), in this case formula will look monstrous. Thank you for help in advance and sorry for bad english.

Hi Goger I do not fully understand your question, but please find an attached workflow with an example of an conditional

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Thank you very much, your workflow helped me. Can I ask one more question? Is Rule Engine more flexible analog of Math Formula node?

Your welcome I would say that both Rule Engine and Math Node have different purposes, and in your case I prefer the first one. 

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Thank you for advising so useful node, it helped me solve several other problems!